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Grinding Disks

Use with a high-speed grinder to cut, carve and shape log surfaces.
  • Smooth, continuous cutting provides ease of control and desirable finish
  • Carving, sculpting, log improvement and repair
  • For use with high speed angle grinder

Log Boss

The Ultimate Log Fastener

Spax Timber Screws

SPAX PowerLag Log and Timber Screws - XTM Pancake Head are the ultimate in heavy-duty log and timber fasteners. With patented thread serrations that eliminate the need to pre-drill, SPAX PowerLag screws will increase your installation speed while preventing cracks in your logs. Code listed, load rated, and corrosion resistant, SPAX PowerLag screws provide peace of mind as you build your log or timber frame construction.

GRK Timber Screws

GRK Timber Screws or RSS™ structural screws are made of specially hardened steel to provide you with high tensile, torque, and shear strength. The sharp threads and points bite instantly into the material (including hardwood), reducing the splitting effect due to smaller shanks.

Want less than a case? For Packs of 10 check out SPAX

StirWhip Stain Mixer

Details Details Uniquely designed mixer effective for mixing materials of any viscosity, ideal for paint. Mixer head can flex to

Woodcare Professional stain brush

For all oil-based stains and finishes as well as water-based stains and finishes. Screw out handle allows for the use of an extension pole to dramatically speed up application. Stained wood handles and blended filaments sealed in an enhanced tin plated ferrule to inhibit bristle loss during use. Soft tips to spread stain without scratching and leaving you with a smooth, even finish.    

Osborn® Brushes


Use these helpful tools so finish sanding won’t wear you out.

Osborn® brushes are the efficient and easy-to-use alternatives to everyday sandpaper. They make quick work of removing wood fuzz (called felting), and are gentle yet effective when used on hand-peeled logs and delicate wood fixtures that require a light touch. Osborn® brushes are also excellent for wood and log homes that must be prepped entirely by hand. Use these helpful tools so finish sanding won’t wear you out. View More Info

REED R2160 Thermal Imaging Camera


Features a rugged IP65 rated double-molded housing and a 160 x 120 9Hz infrared sensor with 0.05°C thermal sensitivity.

REED R6013 Pocket Size Moisture Meter


Displays moisture level in wood and other building materials.

U2 Fasteners – 3/8″ Construction Screws

U2 Fasteners 3/8" Construction Screw The U2 Construction Screw™, also known as CS Screw, is a heavy-duty structural fastener. Its design has a finished appearance of a conventional round head and is created to provide an extra-large bearing surface under the head. It is the next generation of construction screws that are replacing lag screws.

Glass Media Blasting Log Homes

Blaster-Buddy Glass Media Blaster The Blaster-Buddy finish removing system is the easiest and safest method of removing old finishes from your log home. Your home will be clean, dry and ready to apply beautiful new coats of stains and finishes. The Blaster-Buddy system weighs approximately 450 pounds and is about four feet high. It comes with 50 feet of hose, a remote control unit, an instruction manual.  When rented it comes with a safety kit that includes gloves, earplugs, dust masks and a face shield with headgear. Environmentally Friendly Dry Method - No Water Used Product Manual **NOTE- Our blaster is available for rent only to clients of Canada's Log & Wood Home Store that are blasting a Log Home with Glass Media (or Corn Cob if you speak with us first) . This unit is not for the use of the general public. A $2000 damage deposit is required and will be refunded at the end of rental after inspection if no damage has occured. 

REED R2300 Infrared Thermometer


Fast responding entry-level infrared thermometer with min/max temperature readings and adjustable high/low temperature alarms.