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Anchorseal Canada Log End Seal

Anchorseal Canada is available in both the Classic Formula and the Anchorseal 2 hybrid formula. ANCHORSEAL® Classic is a premium wax emulsion end grain sealer for the prevention of end checks and drying splits in hardwood and softwood logs and lumber. By controlling the rate of moisture loss, up to 90% of end checks can be prevented.
ANCHORSEAL® 2 is a hybrid of plant-based polymers and wax that protects the ends of green logs and lumber from checking and splitting. It is a high-performance, economical choice for customers. ANCHORSEAL 2 is best-in-class for the protection of exotic hardwood decking. When carefully applied to the freshly cut ends of tropical hardwoods, such as ipe, Brazilian walnut, mahogany and tigerwood, ANCHORSEAL 2 prevents up to 90% of end checking, protecting your investment and extending the life of the deck.



Big Stretch Canada

Big Stretch is a high-performance water-based elastomeric window, door & siding caulk that won't just stretches. Its size  310ML.


BORACOL is a liquid wood preservative formula. Whether looking for a strong fungicidal, mouldicide or insecticide to kill attacks already in progress or seeking to protect new wood projects, this environmentally responsible preservatives will effectively stop wood deterioration in its tracks. The main advantage of BORACOL is the ability to distribute the preservative through sapwood as well as heartwood. Very low toxicity to mammals. **Boracol requires heated shipping from Oct-April as it can’t freeze.  Pickup is still available year round. Please contact us directly for shipping quote to add heat as it won’t calculate automatically.

Bulk Loading Gun Conversion Kit for M18 Cordless

Converts any Albion or Milwaukee 18V cordless gun to a DL-59-T13E 30oz cordless bulk gun.

GRK Timber Screws

GRK Timber Screws or RSS™ structural screws are made of specially hardened steel to provide you with high tensile, torque, and shear strength. The sharp threads and points bite instantly into the material (including hardwood), reducing the splitting effect due to smaller shanks.

Want less than a case? For Packs of 10 check out SPAX

Half Log Siding Pine

Our Half Round Pine Log Siding is made from a real 10" log and has a shiplap profile. This makes the chinking optional. Transform any building quickly and simply to this log siding. Random Lengths from 8-16'. Specific lengths can be requested but does add a premium to the cost. When thinking about lengths and your building, dont' forget you can use a vertical splice log to break up the wall so you can use smaller lengths without butt joints. The half log siding is shown with the handpeeled option. (add $1.50/lineal foot)  Prices are Listed Per Linear Foot (lf). Stack height is 9". To convert to square feet use 1.33. Eg. 1000 sq ft x 1.33= 1333 lineal feet. Pick Up from the Edmonton yard or shipping can be arranged on the half log siding.  MINIMUM ORDER 300 lineal feet. This siding is typically produced twice per year. Call for availability and lead time. 844-714-8187  

Lifeline Ultra-2

Premium Transparent Wood Finish    

Log Gap Cap

Cut from 3/4" closed cell flexible foam, Log Gap Caps are unique backer pieces designed to reduce air infiltration where round logs meet window and door trim.

Log Post End Caps

Prevent deterioration and rot of your log posts with post caps. ** Post Caps are a Special Order. Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.

Log Railing

  Our beautiful lodgepole pine log railings are great for new construction or railing replacement. With a 6" top and bottom rail and 3.5" spindles, these are incredibly solid and strong. Log railings come predrilled and tenoned from the top and bottom rail to the spindles. Assembly simply means inserting the spindle into the rails. Available in smooth or hand-hewn profiles. Pricing per lineal foot and for straight log railing.    

Log Railing Newel Post

These 10" diameter x 48" tall pine newel posts are what we typically use for the log railings. These are available in both smooth and hand hewn profiles.  Call for shipping costs. These can also be cut in half or have 1-2 sides cut flat if your railing calls for it. (additional charges apply)


LogDawg® steel plates provide the highest level of protection against existing checks and growth splits in valuable logs. They can also help prevent new ones from forming. LogDawgs are available in 4” plates and are made from high quality galvanized steel for exceptional strength and durability. They can be easily removed, without breakoff, prior to sawing using common tools.