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Log Wizard 16″ Chainsaw Bar

The Log Wizard Chainsaw Bar is made with pre-drilled holes to mount the Log Wizard

Sashco Capture Log Stain

Capture® Log Stain’s unique formula moves freely as your logs move, instead of cracking and peeling like the other wood finishes. Stain Calculator & More Info

Sashco Cascade Exterior Clearcoat


Protect your Stain and Logs

You’ve applied Capture® Log Stain and your log home is now the perfect color – the one you always dreamed of. Now it’s time to apply Cascade® Clear Top Coat to help keep your log home in picture-perfect shape for years to come. Cascade’s sheen brings out the depth and character of the wood grain while minimizing color shifts in the Capture® Log Stain. Its easy-to-apply water-based formula makes routine maintenance simple and headache-free, so you get to spend more time enjoying log your home, not working on it. Stain Calculator & View More Info

Sashco Transformation Siding and Trim (Hybrid)


The best part is that Transformation Siding and Trim won’t peel.

Wood siding can be beautiful, but it usually screams “high maintenance.” Get Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim and give your ears the silence they deserve. Based on a stain formula that was originally created to withstand the extreme requirements of log homes, Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim wood siding stain is no stranger to high performance. It moves and flexes with the wood to maintain a protective coat that remains beautiful over time. The best part is that Transformation Siding and Trim won’t peel, which makes maintenance easy: a light power wash, followed by another coat of stain, and you’re done. Stain Calculator & More Info

Sashco Transformation Log and Timber (Oil Based)

Transformation Log & Timber is an oil-based finish that is ideal for new construction or renovation of Log and Timber Frame homes. Stain Calculator & More Info

Emseal Log Home Gasket Tape


Emseal offers 2 Types of Log Home Gasket Tapes:

CLASSIC: For more than 30 years EMSEAL has offered an economical, expanding, open-cell, foam tape impregnated with water-based, acrylic-modified asphalt. Classic Log Home Gasket Tape provides UV stability and sealing ability, as well as resistance to aging and to vermin (bugs, rodents, birds, etc.).

ACRYLIC: EMSEAL Acrylic Log Home Gasket Tape was developed in the early 1980’s using in place of asphalt, a water-based, acrylic impregnation. Compatible with liquid sealants, chinking, and stains and preservatives, it is clean-handling and free from visible contact staining.

EMSEAL Acrylic Log Home Gasket Tape is particularly suitable for construction methods such as Swedish cope and is widely used by handcrafters. It is also suitable for flat-on-flat construction where sealant tape is installed at the outer edges of the logs AND where sprayed-on log sealer or stain may come in contact with the tape.

Foam Brush

A foam brush can be used to smooth chinking and caulking and to give a little texture to it. Many will also pull the head off of the brush and use it to tool the caulking in.

Log Home Gasket Tape


Our log home insulating foam tape is a low density, closed cell PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) foam. Easily compressed, yet maintains good internal strength, this foam is manufactured with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on one side.

Log Wizard Debarking Chainsaw Attachment

The Log Wizard turns an ordinary chain saw into a planer with a 3" cutting area. Cut notches, debark logs, or grind off knots. The Log Wizard fits most chain saws. Attaches easily to chainsaw bar after drilling 2 mounting holes. Uses standard 3" planer blades. Extra sprocket included. Chain should be 2" longer to accept the new Log Wizard end sprocket. Made in Canada

Olympic Deck Cleaner

A unique, premium quality product that penetrates deep to remove dirt and mildew stains. Restores the clean, natural look to exterior wood, concrete, composites and other surfaces. DESCRIPTION: Deep cleans surface prior to application USES: Decks, fences, siding, wooden furniture. pressure treated lumber, concrete, brick

Olympic Deck Stripper 3.78L

A premium stripper that will remove all latex and oil-based deck coatings, including semi-transparent and solid colour stains, varnishes, polyurethanes and water sealants. URGENT – POTENTIAL LEAK ISSUE Have you purchased this product and are still in possession of it at home? If yes, please read the following information and take the recommended necessary action.