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Step 4- Chinking or Sealing your Log Home

You have reached the final step in your finishing or restoration project. Now it's time to make sure the water, wind and bugs stay on the outside of the home. It's also very important to make sure large checks are sealed up to prevent water from causing rot. Speak with a specialist to help decide on the best size joint for your home as well as different options you may have to make the job simpler and less expensive.

WARNING: Ensure Stain Compatibility with other Coatings/Chinking/Caulking

Did you know that some coatings that you use may contain non-drying oils or waxes and may prevent you from using chinking and caulking in the future? If you are not certain, ask a specialist about our compatibility testing, database of various stains and chemical ingredient review service.

CAUTION: Only use Log Products on Log Homes

We receive phone calls daily from people disappointed they bought a deck/fence /wood stain at a big box or hardware store and it failed early. Log's Ain't Wood and they behave much differently. You don't treat a 2x4 the same you way treat a log. You want a product specifically engineered to perform properly for your home. Would you rather save a hundred dollars on product? Or do the job twice as often??

Bulk Loading Gun Conversion Kit for M18 Cordless

Converts any Albion or Milwaukee 18V cordless gun to a DL-59-T13E 30oz cordless bulk gun.

Log Jam Chinking Canada

Log Jam Chinking Canada- The chink that holds tough year after year even in our Canadian winters. Its superior elasticity means that it moves with your logs without cracking. Log Jam chink seals your log cabin from vermin, pollen, dust, rain, and wind alike. Explore the chinking calculator below to determine the quantities required.


Chinking Calculator & More Info  

Sashco Conceal Caulking

Conceal’s 7 colors blend in with the most popular stains used on log and wood homes, and its light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood.


**5 gallon pails are a special order. Sealant Calculator & More Info    

Sashco Log Builder Caulking


Log Builder sealant is specifically formulated to absorb most log movement.

In the 1970s, log home owners everywhere were discovering that logs are in constant dynamic motion. They came to Sashco for help, and a few years later, Log Builder® sealant was born. It’s the sealant specifically formulated to absorb most log movement. For over 20 years, Log Builder® has been the trusted sealant included in many manufacturer’s log home kits and packages. Its superior elasticity creates a tight seal that keeps out water, dust, bugs, and wind. **5 gallon pails are a special order


Sealant Calculator & More Info    

Bulk Loading Guns

Albion® Teflon®-coated quart bulk loading guns are great for applying caulking or chinking from a 5-gal. pail. Quality Albion® construction means smooth, consistent beads each time and no plunger blow-out Teflon®-coated for easier cleaning and long-term storage. Available in traditional manual drive and cordless electric. The manual Consumer gun allows use of the plastic nozzles, the Professional Gun allows you to use the fixed metal nozzles and plastic ones. View More Info

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One of the chinking/sealants listed above:

  • Log Jam Chinking and/or Conceal Textured Log Caulking and/or Log Builder
  • A bond breaker such as Backer Rod, Grip Strip or packing tape
  • Bulk Loading Gun and Follow Plate or Loading Sleeve if you are using the 5 gallon pails. 
  • Utility knife & caulking gun to open if you are using Tubes 
  • Foam brushes or trowels for smoothing the chinking
  • Denatured alcohol if chinking during hot temps (above 27⁰C)
  • Damp rags for clean up
  • Some flannel to help you feel very Daniel Boone-ish
log jam chinking canada


We often get asked the difference between the three chinking/caulking products. In many cases, they can be used interchangeably. 

Log Jam Chinking– Mortar like finish. Often used as a contrasting colour look, but can be blended as well. 
Conceal Textured Log Caulking– Wood grain finish. Often used when you don’t want to see the caulking.  Good for joints up to 2″
Log Builder Caulking– Smooth silicone like finish. 



If chinking for the first time

  • Make sure the logs are stained with a compatible finish. All of Canada’s Log Home Store’s stains work with our chinking.
  • Clean off any dust, pollen, bird poo, etc. The chinking needs to be applied to a clean surface in order to adhere properly and last for years to come.

If repairing or replacing old chinking

  • Remove any crumbling or cracked mortar. Mortar that’s still intact can stay as long as it looks good and there’s no rot under it.
  • Sand down the joints to remove loose, unsound wood fibers. Those wood fibers will interfere with adhesion of other products (stains and chinking) that are applied.
  • Stain the joints with a compatible finish. Again, all of our stains work with our chinking. (We were thinking ahead!)



Why? Because your chinking job will last longer and you’ll use less chinking. (We’re sure your hands and wallet will thank us.)

  • In joints 1/2” deep or more, use Backer Rod or Grip Strip
  • In going over top of existing mortar, you can use clear packing tape in the back of the joint.
  •  For joints less than 1/4”, do not use caulking.  Instead, be sure to back brush the stain into the check. This will provide better water protection than chink or caulking will for joints less than 1/4″ 


A bond breaker allows the chink or caulking to make a 2 point connection and stretch properly. If you don’t use it, a 3 point connection gets made with an anchor point at the intersection of the logs. Then when it should stretch as designed, instead you may get tearing. 



If chinking for the first time

  • A steady hand is imperative, so lay off the caffeine for a bit. Apply no more than 2-3 feet at a time. On wider joints, apply 3 separate beads – one on either side of the joint, and one down the middle – or use a ribbon nozzle to apply one wide bead at a time.



Tool it in

  • As you go along, use a damp foam brush or a spray bottle with a trowel to smooth (tool) the chinking. This ensures proper adhesion and long-term performance. Don’t apply too much at a time! You don’t want the chinking to skin over before you get a chance to smooth it. In hotter temps (above 80⁰), a 25% denatured alcohol/water mixture will help slow down the drying to give you more time to smooth the chinking.
spraying log home chink Canada while applying
smoothing log chinking Canada with a spatula


We recommend not chinking or caulking a raw log. The water that runs down the wall when you tool it stains a raw log and you have to sand it out. If you stain/clear  first, you just wipe away with a rag instead of sanding. 

For more general info on chink please visit our chinking page


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