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Maintaining your Log and Wood Home

You have worked hard to achieve your dream, now it's crucial you take the right steps to make sure this lasts for generations. Similar to an oil change in your can either do small, simple, inexpensive maintenance or you can replace your engine. Choosing high quality products helps ensure you're not doing 2-3 times the maintenance needed. REMEMBER: About 75% of a log/wood project is labour. Using poor quality products or products not designed for logs homes is a bad idea.

WARNING: Ensure Stain Compatibility with other Coatings/Chinking/Caulking

Did you know that some coatings that you use may contain non-drying oils or waxes and may prevent you from using chinking and caulking in the future? If you are not certain, ask a specialist about our compatibility testing, database of various stains and chemical ingredient review service.

CAUTION: Only use Log Products on Log Homes

We receive phone calls daily from people disappointed they bought a deck/fence /wood stain at a big box or hardware store and it failed early. Log's Ain't Wood and they behave much differently. You don't treat a 2x4 the same you way treat a log. You want a product specifically engineered to perform properly for your home. Would you rather save a hundred dollars on product? Or do the job twice as often??

Finishing a Log Home Steps

Preparation is the most important part!

The most critical part to any project is the prep that goes into it. It can be tempting to take shortcuts here, but that usually results in regret. There are several different ways to prep a log home depending on the condition of the logs and if we are going over another coating or working with a raw log. Speak with one of our specialists and they will help you determine the best method for your particular project.

Prep Products

Log Wizard Debarking Chainsaw Attachment

The Log Wizard turns an ordinary chain saw into a planer with a 3" cutting area. Cut notches, debark logs, or grind off knots. The Log Wizard fits most chain saws. Attaches easily to chainsaw bar after drilling 2 mounting holes. Uses standard 3" planer blades. Extra sprocket included. Chain should be 2" longer to accept the new Log Wizard end sprocket. Made in Canada

Timber Pro Strip and Brite

Timber Pro STRIP+BRITE is a specially formulated professional strength stripper designed to remove tough exterior oil-based finishes (not for acrylic or latex finishes). STRIP+BRITE helps bring your previously coated surfaces back to a new-wood appearance. STRIP+BRITE will also work to remove the heavily greyed areas and remove the dead wood fibers caused from sun damage. Stain Calculator

Timber Pro Clean + Brite

Timber Pro CLEAN+BRITE is a specially formulated professional strength cleaner designed for all exterior wood surfaces. CLEAN+BRITE will remove tannin stains, dirt, mild greying, and environmental dirt from new wood. After cleaning with CLEAN+BRITE, the wood surface is ready for finishing. CLEAN+BRITE is also an excellent cleaner to keep your exterior coatings looking like the day they were applied and is safe to use on exterior finishes in good condition. CLEAN+BRITE can also be used to clean up your exterior concrete, stone work and masonry around the house from any dirt or mould build-up. Stain Calculator

CPR Log Cleaner & Brightener


CPR® Log Cleaner and Brightener brings your logs and wood back to life. CPR cleans and brightens bare logs and wood, and restores luster and vibrancy when used for routine log home maintenance. It’s a gentle log and wood home cleaner whose oxygenated bleach formula won’t weaken wood fibers. It effectively kills mold, mildew and fungus, while also removing dirt, dust, pollen and other surface contaminants. Use CPR in conjunction with power washing or media blasting to perfectly prepare wood surfaces before staining, or apply with a pump sprayer and rinse with a hose for routine maintenance..

View More Info

Osborn® Brushes


Use these helpful tools so finish sanding won’t wear you out.

Osborn® brushes are the efficient and easy-to-use alternatives to everyday sandpaper. They make quick work of removing wood fuzz (called felting), and are gentle yet effective when used on hand-peeled logs and delicate wood fixtures that require a light touch. Osborn® brushes are also excellent for wood and log homes that must be prepped entirely by hand. Use these helpful tools so finish sanding won’t wear you out. View More Info

Buffy Pad System


Use these helpful tools so finish sanding won’t wear you out.

Sashco’s Buffy Pad system are the efficient and easy-to-use alternatives to everyday sandpaper. They make quick work of removing wood fuzz (called felting), and are gentle yet effective when used on hand-peeled logs and delicate wood fixtures that require a light touch.Use these helpful tools so finish sanding won’t wear you out.

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Media Blasting

WARNING: Blasting a log home if done incorrectly can result in a disaster. If you are going to do this yourself, please get educated and be careful. If you want this done for you, let us know and we can help you find a professional in your area. For the DIY people, the information below is provided for knowledge and education. We do not sell the services, the blaster or the media but can put you in touch with a company that does. Media blasting makes removing stain from log and wood structures easier and faster than ever. Because it uses only dry media, no water is forced into the wood. Dry time is eliminated, risk of rot, mold and mildew is reduced, and stains, chinking and caulking can be applied immediately afterwards. Stop playing the waiting game and get prep done faster. Crushed glass media works like millions of tiny surgical steel blades, making precise and quick work of removing both fresh and old coatings and stains, as well as UV-damaged wood. It leaves the healthy wood underneath intact and creates a lightly textured surface for improved stain adhesion and longevity. Finish sanding with Sashco’s Buffy Pad system or Osborn® brushes can be done afterwards to reduce wood texturing. View More Info
Preserving your Dream

We want your home to last multiple lifetimes. Log homes can easily last hundreds of years if they are properly maintained. Before you get to the staining and sealing, it is important to take this opportunity and apply some preservatives to keep the rot and bugs away.  This is a very important, inexpensive and easy step to do, don’t miss it!

Preservation Products


BORACOL is a liquid wood preservative formula. Whether looking for a strong fungicidal, mouldicide or insecticide to kill attacks already in progress or seeking to protect new wood projects, this environmentally responsible preservatives will effectively stop wood deterioration in its tracks. The main advantage of BORACOL is the ability to distribute the preservative through sapwood as well as heartwood. Very low toxicity to mammals.

Sashco Color Fast Pre Stain

Prevent natural darkening of your wood home. Colorfast prepares rough or smooth surfaces for uniform stain absorption. Stain Calculator & View More Info

Timber Pro Timber Seal Wood Sealer

Timber Seal Wood Sealer is a new advanced product to help maintain the integrity of wood by reducing water penetration. It can be used in all exterior applications, hardwoods and softwoods, to prevent water absorption and to stop wood degradation over the long term with the least amount of effort. TIMBER SEAL allows the wood to weather to a natural silver-grey appearance. It is the perfect solution for protecting wood as it is a breathable, non-film-forming coating that deeply penetrates the wood surface. Its unique waterborne formula can repel water for multiple years and is easily maintained with a single reapplication when water is no longer beading from the surface. Stain Calculator

Timber Pro Yard Treatment

Timber Pro Yard Treatment is a great way to prevent additional prep work when your home is being built or restored. Prevent UV damage when you are waiting to stain.  It helps prevent UV greying, yellowing and discoloration from fungus or moulds. It also helps to reduce checking that can happen from moisture loss as the logs dry. Stain Calculator

Cobra Rods


Cobra Rods’ unique combination of copper and boron is potent yet safe.

Cobra™ Rods borate wood preservative rods help you prevent wood rot before it starts. They are necessary only in highly exposed logs and timbers that are easily prone to moisture and insect infiltration, both of which can compromise the structural integrity of your log home. Cobra Rods prevent rot and keep wood-ingesting insects from taking up residence... Cobra Rods’ unique combination of copper and boron is potent yet safe. North American utility companies trust Cobra™ Rods to extend the life of their wooden poles. Imagine how your log and timber home will benefit! View More Info

Borate Can-Bor Professional

Can-bor® is the inexpensive insurance every log home owner needs. Rot and beetles and termites – oh my! When sprayed or brushed on bare wood, this borate-based log home preservative forms a protective shell to defend against rot and wood-ingesting insects. It’s easy to use and EPA-registered. Can-bor® will not affect the color of wood and is chemically compatible with all of our stains, caulking and chinking products. It costs five times less than its glycol-based counterparts, yet does not sacrifice protection. View More Info
Preserving your Dream

Log and wood homes that are left unprotected will deteriorate and rot. Water, sun, wind and snow must be protected against. A proper maintenance cycle will keep things simple and inexpensive….waiting too long can result in needing to remove the entire coating before staining. Each home gets different exposures and challenges and requires individual attention. Speak with one of our specialists and set your home up for success with a proper schedule.

Stains and Clear Coats

Sashco Capture Log Stain

Capture® Log Stain’s unique formula moves freely as your logs move, instead of cracking and peeling like the other wood finishes.


Stain Calculator & More Info

Sashco Cascade Exterior Clearcoat


Protect your Stain and Logs

You’ve applied Capture® Log Stain and your log home is now the perfect color – the one you always dreamed of. Now it’s time to apply Cascade® Clear Top Coat to help keep your log home in picture-perfect shape for years to come. Cascade’s sheen brings out the depth and character of the wood grain while minimizing color shifts in the Capture® Log Stain. Its easy-to-apply water-based formula makes routine maintenance simple and headache-free, so you get to spend more time enjoying log your home, not working on it. Stain Calculator & View More Info

Sashco Transformation Siding and Trim (Hybrid)


The best part is that Transformation Siding and Trim won’t peel.

Wood siding can be beautiful, but it usually screams “high maintenance.” Get Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim and give your ears the silence they deserve. Based on a stain formula that was originally created to withstand the extreme requirements of log homes, Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim wood siding stain is no stranger to high performance. It moves and flexes with the wood to maintain a protective coat that remains beautiful over time. The best part is that Transformation Siding and Trim won’t peel, which makes maintenance easy: a light power wash, followed by another coat of stain, and you’re done.


Stain Calculator & More Info

Sashco Transformation Log and Timber (Oil Based)

Transformation Log & Timber is an oil-based finish that is ideal for new construction or renovation of Log and Timber Frame homes.


Stain Calculator & More Info

Sikkens Cetol 1

Sikkens Cetol 1 RE Stain is a premium, translucent, exterior wood base coat to be used with Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus. Its superior oil alkyd formulation offers excellent penetration and adhesion to vertical wood surfaces. Powerful UV absorbents protect color and wood substrates. Provides a mildew-resistant finish. Stain Calculator

Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus RE

Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus is a premium translucent topcoat for Cetol 1. Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus offers superior UV protection, and is highly transparent, water repellent, weather resistant, flexible, and breathable. Stain Calculator

Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding

The Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding gives wood applications a vivid look and a smooth touch. Most importantly, it provides superior protection and performance that increase the wood’s lifespan. Stain Calculator

Sikkens Cetol Maintenance RE

Sikkens Cetol Maintenance RE is a premium, clear, alkyd resin exterior wood finish designed for use exclusively as a maintenance coat on wood previously coated with Sikkens ProLuxe Log & Siding or Sikkens Cetol 2/3 Plus. 1 Gallon (Clear) Stain Calculator

Sashco Color Fast Pre Stain

Prevent natural darkening of your wood home. Colorfast prepares rough or smooth surfaces for uniform stain absorption. Stain Calculator & View More Info

Sashco Symphony Interior Clear Coat


Welcome home to Symphony Interior Clear Wood Finish®. It’s music to the eyes.

Enjoy the clean glow of wood with Symphony® interior clear wood finish. The wood of a finely-crafted cello creates a distinguished resonance, just as Symphony® works in harmony with the unique character of your logs and wood to reflect an atmosphere of cozy warmth and elegance. Symphony’s elastic yet scuff-resistant formula means hassle-free cleaning... Eyes can focus on the relaxing ambience, not on gathered dust. Welcome home to Symphony®. It’s music to the eyes.

Stain Calculator & View More Info

Timber Pro Log and Siding

Timber Pro LOG+SIDING is a specialized professional-grade wood finish used in the industry by log-home builders, manufacturers, crafters, timber framers, contractors and prefinish operations. Timber Pro’s unique long-lasting formula has become the product of choice for serious wood lovers. Resort operators, home owners and cottagers alike have chosen Timber Pro LOG+SIDING because it preserves the natural beauty and integrity of their investment. Timber Pro LOG+SIDING is also environmentally safe, easy to use and simple to maintain.


Stain Calculator

Timber Pro XP Stain

Timber Pro XP Stain formula is a specialized waterborne acrylic finish that accentuates the natural beauty of the wood, providing unsurpassed protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays and the destructive effects of the elements. XP Formula is a long-lasting, durable coating that allows flexibility as an exterior and interior finish for most structures built in harsh climates. This, combined with a fast-dry, low-VOC. formula and non-yellowing properties makes it the best choice in finishes for many of your exterior and interior wood-coating needs.


Stain Calculator
Seal it up!

Keeping water, wind and bugs out is incredibly important to the enjoyment and longevity of your log or wood home. Logs go through extreme forces that make keeping joints tight challenging if not impossible. Proper log caulking or chink stretches and moves with the logs while keeping the seal. Be sure not to use silicone or spray foam on a log home and be cautious when choosing a stain to ensure that you will be able to use chinking and caulking on your home.


You will hear us tell you to chink and seal last after you have stained. In most cases this is what should happen as when some of the water runs down the wall from the tooling process, it stains a raw log. This then requires sanding & can be a big job. Stain first & you can wipe it off with a rag instead. 


Log Jam Chinking Canada

Log Jam Chinking Canada- The chink that holds tough year after year even in our Canadian winters. Its superior elasticity means that it moves with your logs without cracking. Log Jam chink seals your log cabin from vermin, pollen, dust, rain and wind alike. Explore the chinking calculator below to determine quantities required.


Chinking Calculator & More Info

Sashco Conceal Caulking

Conceal’s 7 colors blend in with the most popular stains used on log and wood homes, and its light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood.


**5 gallon pails are a special order. Sealant Calculator & More Info  

Sashco Log Builder Caulking


Log Builder sealant is specifically formulated to absorb most log movement.

In the 1970s, log home owners everywhere were discovering that logs are in constant dynamic motion. They came to Sashco for help, and a few years later, Log Builder® sealant was born. It’s the sealant specifically formulated to absorb most log movement. For over 20 years, Log Builder® has been the trusted sealant included in many manufacturer’s log home kits and packages. Its superior elasticity creates a tight seal that keeps out water, dust, bugs, and wind. **5 gallon pails are a special order Sealant Calculator & More Info

Albion Bulk Loading Guns

Albion® Teflon®-coated quart bulk loading guns are great for applying caulking or chinking from a 5-gal. pail. Quality Albion® construction means smooth, consistent beads each time and no plunger blow-out Teflon®-coated for easier cleaning and long-term storage. Available in traditional manual drive and cordless electric. The manual Consumer gun allows use of the plastic nozzles, the Professional Gun allows you to use the fixed metal nozzles and plastic ones. View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Follow Plate


Albion® slip-on follow plate makes loading the bulk loading guns easier. No threading makes for easy on and off Threaded rod makes removing the follow plate easy. Rubber gasket at outside rim works with both straight-sided and tapered pails.

View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Nozzles

Now that you have a bulk loading gun you will want to put it to the best use. Interchangeable nozzles allow you to lay down a much more precise caulking or chink joint. View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Ring Cap

On the older TL-59-13 bulk loading guns they came with a fixed 1/2" round metal nozzle. These ring caps allow you to also use the plastic nozzles with that gun. View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Pull Hook

This little hook makes it so you can hang your gun and also makes it easier to load product into the gun. Replaces your standard T-pull. Works on our Consumer, Professional or Electric guns. View More Info

Albion Bulk Gun Loading Cleaning Brush

Albion's bulk loading gun cleaning brush makes quick work of clean up after the job is done. Save time, improve productivity with this cleaning brush. View More Info

Albion Bulk Loading Gun Repair Kit-Leather

This leather repair bulk loading gun replacement kit is the parts that wear out on a bulk loading chinking gun. Make your old gun new again! View More Info

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