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Canadian log home supplies is our specialty.  We take pride in our knowledge and customer service and it shows in all we do. If you are restoring your log home, finishing a log home that was just built or maintaining your log dream, we have the complete line of log cabin products and log cabin supplies you will need. 


Canadian Log Home Supplies
Canadian Log Home Supplies

We carry only the highest quality Canadian log home supply in the world. After all, we think you would rather relax in your home than work on it. We only work with the finest products that are engineered to work on log homes including Sashco, Perma-Chink, Sikkens, Timber Pro, System Three, Abatron. All of our log cabin products are designed to hold up through the long Canadian winters.  Sashco and Perma-Chink produce the vast majority of chinking in the world and is the industry standard for log cabin supplies.


Are you thinking of buying a log home? Selling one and need to know what it needs? Wondering why your new chinkless log home is having bug problems? Water problems? Energy problems? A log home inspection is worth its weight in gold to save you on your labour and costs of log home supplies you don’t need if you do it right the first time. Find an inspector near you. 

Canadian log home supplies


We focus on one thing and that is log cabin supplies and products needed to maintain and restore them. In construction, the costs are often half labour and half materials when we do a quick estimate. With log home maintenance and restoration, it is closer to 80% labour with about 20% materials. What does this mean for you? Well the obvious is that you do not want to do this more often that you have to. Using high quality log home products and supplies is not only critical but makes very, very good sense. 

Will you be happy you saved $100 on stain when you are having to do the project again in 3 years instead of 15 years? We hear daily from people who bought a cheap log home product from a box store that wasn’t actually designed for logs. A few years later when it fails and they have to remove it, they wished they bought great quality log supplies. We know you would rather enjoy your home than be fixing it.

Explore our website and learn how to properly maintain or restore a log home and how to choose the log home supplies that will work best in your scenario and last the longest. We test our log home supplies against different stains on the market. Ask for the Sashco Stain Competition Report to see what you should expect before buying something you will regret putting on your home for years and years to come.

Canadian log cabin supplies
Canadian log home supply

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Listen to your Logs...they are asking you to protect them

Canadian log home supply
Canadian log cabin supply
Canadian log home supply first generation specialist
Canadian log home supplies specialist second generation
third generation female Canadian log home supplies specialist

3 Generations of Experience & Knowledge in Canadian Log Cabin Products

Specializing in the highest quality Canadian log home supplies engineered specifically for log homes and log cabins and the inspection side of the industry. Our family got involved in log homes way back in 1977 when Sr. was building them.

A big proponent of supporting Canadian log home supply and those designed for our climate. This family owned business is now on its second generation & training the third!

We can't express how thankful our family is for the overwhelming support of small business we have had from our fellow Canadians. We will be here to support you throughout your project with expert advice and high quality Canadian log home supplies. 

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