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Sikkens Canada - The Legendary Sikkens Stain

Sikkens Canada is an international brand of coatings, stains, and paints. The company has a long history of producing premium solutions for wood applications. Above all, it offers its products on the Canadian market, where there are numerous log homes and cabin owners. The Sikkens Cetol stain has made a great name for itself in Canada.

Whether you need stain or finish for outdoor wood siding, decking, doors and windows or rails, you can count on Sikkens Stain and it’s natural beauty! Below is a short presentation of the Sikkens Canada Company and its products. Also, you will find clear answers to the FAQ about wood stains and finishing.

Where to buy Sikkens Stain?

Most people wonder where to buy Sikkens Stain near me? This is one of the most common questions we get. Sikkens Cetol is available throughout Canada at select paint stores, but unfortunately they rarely carry enough inventory to service anything other than very small projects with limited colors. Their level of knowledge when it comes to log homes tends to be severely lacking as well.

Canada’s Log and Wood Home Store specializes in Sikkens Log stain and carries a wide variety of colors. We ship Sikkens stains all over Canada. The whole product line is available here.

History of Sikkens Canada and Sikkens Cetol

Today, Sikkens Canada is part of the multinational trading group AkzoNobel. However, its story started more than two centuries ago, in The Netherlands. In 1792, Wiert Willem Sikkens founded a paint factory in the city of Groningen. During the next one hundred years, the business passed down through the generations while expanding its activity.

In the early 20th century, Sikkens developed a laboratory for quality control and product management. At around the same time, it started focusing on decorative coatings and stains. Subsequently, the company expanded throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

In 2011, many prestigious brands, including McDonald’s and Disney chose Sikkens as their global supplier of coatings for exterior wood. Impressed by the alkyd high solids formulation and specialized solids formulation offers optimum protection. This high performance translucent satin stain showcases the beauty of the wood while being water repellent.

Nowadays, Sikkens operates in Canada through a powerful branch providing customers with a wide range of stains, coatings, and paints. 

Is Sikkens and Sico the same?

The short answer is yes, Sikkens and Sico are the same. A few years ago, PPG attained the rights for Sikkens stains in North America. In the USA, it is marketed as PPG Proluxe; In Canada the branding changed to Sico Proluxe. In fact the Sikkens name is no longer on the cans but rest assured it is still the same Sikkens Canada product you have come to love over the years.

Sikkens Stain Colors

Sikkens Cetol comes available in multiple color options that have proven to be some of the most popular over the years. Natural, Natural Oak, Cedar, Teak, Butternut, Mahogonay and Dark Oak Cetol products can be seen throughout the Canadian landscape.

Sikkens Stain Natural Color in Cetol for Canada
Sikkens cetol natural oak stain color available in Canada
Sikkens Cetol stain Canada in the cedar color
teak Sikkens stain in Canada and Cetol
Sikkens Canada stain color is butternut cetol
sikkens stain dark oak color cetol on cedar
Sikkens cetol stain mahogany in Canada

Sikkens Stains Available in Canada near me

Over the years, Sikkens has created a wide range of stain, coating, and paint products. Five of them are available in Canada, such as:

Sikkens Cetol 1 RE
Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus RE
Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding
Sikkens Cetol Maintenance RE Clear
Sikkens Cetol SRD RE

Free Shipping on orders over $1000 available in over 100 Canadian locations including: 

British Columbia (BC)


Kelowna, Kamloops, Cranbrook, Prince George, Vancouver Island, greater Vancouver, Abbotsford, Thompson-Okanagan, Kootenay, Cariboo and more…



Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Canmore, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Banff, Jasper and more…



Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jam, Swift Current, Prince Albert, La Ronge and more…



Brandon, Winnipeg, Steinbach, Dauphin, Thompson, Swan River and more…



North Bay, Parry Sound, Ottawa, Peterborough, GTA, Huntsville, London, Muskoka Region, Kawartha Lakes and more…

Northern Ontario 


Kenora, Dryden, Thunder Bay, Sault St. Marie, Fort Frances and more…



Montreal, Chicoutimi, Quebec City and more..



St. John’s, Paradise more…

New Brunswick


Moncton and more…

Nova Scotia


Halifax and more…





Whitehorse, Dawson City, Watson Lake and more…



Yellowknife, Inuvik, Hay River, Fort Simpson, Norman Wells and more…



How to Apply Sikkens Stain on Wood Applications FAQs

Having an outdoor wood application comes with serious responsibilities. Firstly, you must ensure that the wood is clean and in top condition at all times. Secondly, you have to use high-quality stains and coatings to prolong its life. Finally, you need maintenance solutions for regular upkeep.

Fortunately, Sikkens Canada makes all this work seem easy. The global brand for stains and coating provides premium products for wooden structures. Furthermore, it offers easy answers to FAQ about wood application maintenance, such as the ones below.

Q: Is it efficient to clean the decking with a garden hose?

A: No. Using a garden hose may remove most of the dust on the surface. However, the dirt and pollution embedded deep in the wood will remain there. A better solution is to combine fresh water, bleach, and TSP into a cleaning solution.

The first step is to rinse the decking. Secondly, follow it with a power washing at 500-800 PSI that will remove even the most stubborn dirt particles in the decking.

Q: Can I use acrylic or urethane finish over Sikkens Cetol 1 RE?

A: No. Sikkens does not recommend using these products over Sikkens Cetol 1 RE. This coating requires a high-performance topcoat that would increase its flexibility, protection, and durability. For example, you can safely use Sikkens Cetol 23 Plus RE for better results.

Q: How do I remove Sikkens Cetol Log and Siding from windows and stone?

A: When spraying Sikkens Cetol on your siding and logs, you may accidentally stain windows and fieldstone. However, you will not produce permanent damage.

If the stains are still wet, dip a rag in mineral spirits and use it to scrub and wipe the windows clean. On the other hand, the stains will be harder to remove if they are dry. In that case, you can use a razor blade to slowly scrape off the solution. 

Q: Is it safe to us Sikkens Proluxe Cetol 23 Plus and Sikkens Cetol 1 RE on picnic tables?

A: Yes. Both solutions are safe for dining surfaces, such as picnic tables. In other words, you can safely eat food placed directly on a wood table that has a Sikkens coating. However, extensive use may require regular maintenance and additional coatings at least once every two years. 

Q: Can I mix Sikkens Proluxe with insecticide to repel insects better?

A: No. Sikkens does not recommend combining its products with insecticides or other products. For instance, all the Sikkens coatings, stains, and finishes already provide excellent protection for wooden applications against insect attacks.

Q: Is it alright to mix color pigments with Sikkens finishes?

A: No. Sikkens advises against adding other solutions to translucent finishes. For example, the additives in pigment solutions may reduce the durability of the Sikkens finish and damage the wood in the long run. Also, additives may enhance drying time and diminish the performance of the product.

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16 thoughts on “Sikkens Stain Canada-Sikkens Cetol

  1. Richard Young says:

    looking for distributor in nova scotia

    1. admin says:

      We do ship to Nova Scotia all the time. Give us a call 1-888-644-4594

  2. Peter G. Kuntz says:

    Good Tuesday afternoon :
    Can you please tell be the Sico name for the product that used to be Sikkens Cetol 1 and if it can be purchased in North Bay Ontario? I have had great success with this product and wish to continue using it. Thank you for your time and considerationb

    1. admin says:

      It is actually still called Cetol 1. You can find it here

  3. C Fischer says:

    Wondering where I can Buy Sikkens stain? I live in Kitchener Ont. and Have a Cottage in southen Georgin Bay (north of Barrie Ont.)

    1. admin says:

      We do ship to Ontario everyday. Cambridge is actually one of our free shipping locations if the orders are above $1000 and it is very reasonable if under $1000 too.

  4. Colleen Stewart says:

    What do you recommend as a stain or finish for Douglas fir that will be outside in Northern British Columbia? The beams are currently rough cut. The ends are sealed. Thank you

    1. admin says:

      You could use either the Log and Siding which is a 2 coat system or the Cetol 123 system which is a 3 coat system. If you have raw wood currently, before you stain it we would recommend a Borate treatment.

  5. Aileen Balfour says:

    i put cetol on my cedar house about 11 years ago. i wanted to put sansin stain over it, the paint store says i can’t unless i totally remove the cetol. if i want to put cetol on again, i am to power wash and scrape the whole house. what do you suggest?
    aileen balfour

    1. admin says:

      This is correct advice. Your Cetol is oil based and Sansin would be water based. You can put oil over water, but not the other way around usually. Compared to Sikkens, Sansin would be considered a step down as well. If you are wanting something high quality and compatible to put over it you could use either Sashco Transformation Log and Timber or TimberPro XP. Or, we do have Cetol, you can put that over top as long as the coating is good condition. Also, many people are using the new Sikkens Maintenance which is a clear with high solids. This keeps the house from getting darker each time you apply it.

  6. gerard says:

    Hi I’m looking for a dealer in Edmonton Alberta postal code T8N-3p1. I need 1 gal. but can’t find a dealer with product. Sikkens proluxe cetol 23 plus

    1. admin says:

      We are located just outside of Edmonton. About 10 mins to the southwest and we do have Cetol 23 in stock.

  7. Wendy says:

    Could you tell me where to buy Sikkens wood stain in Nova Scotia ?
    Halifax & New Minas areas.
    Thank you,

    1. admin says:

      We do ship to Nova Scotia all the time. Not sure if there are any stores carrying it out there.

  8. Sheryl Chard says:

    I was wondering if your produce could be used on new pressure treated decking?

    1. admin says:

      Yes both the Cetol Deck stain and the SRD is good on pressure treated decks. New pressure-treated lumber requires a six-week drying period. Water-repellent treated lumber requires one
      year of weathering prior to application.

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