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Borate Can-Bor Professional

Can-bor® is the inexpensive insurance every log home owner needs. Rot and beetles and termites – oh my! When sprayed or brushed on bare wood, this borate-based log home preservative forms a protective shell to defend against rot and wood-ingesting insects. It’s easy to use and EPA-registered. Can-bor® will not affect the color of wood and is chemically compatible with all of our stains, caulking and chinking products. It costs five times less than its glycol-based counterparts, yet does not sacrifice protection. View More Info


BORACOL is a liquid wood preservative formula. Whether looking for a strong fungicidal, mouldicide or insecticide to kill attacks already in progress or seeking to protect new wood projects, this environmentally responsible preservatives will effectively stop wood deterioration in its tracks. The main advantage of BORACOL is the ability to distribute the preservative through sapwood as well as heartwood. Very low toxicity to mammals.  


BORACOL 20-2 BD is a wood preservative which is fungicidal and insecticidal with an added preventative mouldicidal effect; is fungicidal when used as a preventative treatment and fungicidal when used as an eradicant and effective in preventing mould on wood and stone as well as other absorbent surfaces. BORACOL 20-2 BD IS A SPECIAL ORDER. PLEASE ALLOW 1-2 WEEKS LEAD TIME. 

Cobra Rods


Cobra Rods’ unique combination of copper and boron is potent yet safe.

Cobra™ Rods borate wood preservative rods help you prevent wood rot before it starts. They are necessary only in highly exposed logs and timbers that are easily prone to moisture and insect infiltration, both of which can compromise the structural integrity of your log home. Cobra Rods prevent rot and keep wood-ingesting insects from taking up residence... Cobra Rods’ unique combination of copper and boron is potent yet safe. North American utility companies trust Cobra™ Rods to extend the life of their wooden poles. Imagine how your log and timber home will benefit! View More Info

Sashco Color Fast Pre Stain

Prevent natural darkening of your wood home. Colorfast prepares rough or smooth surfaces for uniform stain absorption.


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Timber Pro Timber Seal Wood Sealer

Timber Seal Wood Sealer is a new advanced product to help maintain the integrity of wood by reducing water penetration. It can be used in all exterior applications, hardwoods and softwoods, to prevent water absorption and to stop wood degradation over the long term with the least amount of effort. TIMBER SEAL allows the wood to weather to a natural silver-grey appearance. It is the perfect solution for protecting wood as it is a breathable, non-film-forming coating that deeply penetrates the wood surface. Its unique waterborne formula can repel water for multiple years and is easily maintained with a single reapplication when water is no longer beading from the surface. Stain Calculator

Timber Pro Yard Treatment

Timber Pro Yard Treatment is a great way to prevent additional prep work when your home is being built or restored. Prevent UV damage when you are waiting to stain.  It helps prevent UV greying, yellowing and discoloration from fungus or moulds. It also helps to reduce checking that can happen from moisture loss as the logs dry. Stain Calculator


Log Savers (LogSavers®) are durable plastic stitches used to control existing growth splits in valuable hardwood and softwood logs, preventing the split from getting larger, which results in higher yields with less waste. LogSavers are 4” (10 cm) in length and can be installed hands-free using our proprietary hammer.


LogDawg® steel plates provide the highest level of protection against existing checks and growth splits in valuable logs. They can also help prevent new ones from forming. LogDawgs are available in 4” plates and are made from high quality galvanized steel for exceptional strength and durability. They can be easily removed, without breakoff, prior to sawing using common tools.