Pro Tips for Successful Projects

We want you to have a great and successful project. Almost all issues with stain and caulking/chinking projects can be traced back to a few major errors. To help ensure your project goes well, we have highlighted a few areas for you to pay attention to.

  1. SUN– Do not work in the sun. In most cases if you have direct sunlight on the wood, it will be too hot to stain. When it is 30 degrees outside,  the upper curvature of a log will be closer to 80 degrees and the stain will flash before having a chance to penetrate. The same applies to decks and other horizontal surfaces. Work in the shade, it’s easier on you and much better for your project. If you want to push this rule, get yourself a laser temperature gun so you can test the surface before applying product.
  2.  SANDINGUSE THE RIGHT GRIT. Exterior finished sanding is normally 60-80 grit, in some cases down to 40. Interior typically is in the 100-120 range. If you sand with too fine of grit you will close the pores of the wood instead of opening. This results in stain sitting on top instead of penetrating into the wood and you dramatically decrease the longevity, appearance and performance.
  3. MOISTURE– Most products can be applied at 19% moisture content in your wood although certain products are slighly more or less. Check the application instructions and it will tell you. If you have washed the wood you will typically need a few days of good drying weather for it to drop back under. To push this rule, get yourself a moisture meter so you can test the surface before applying product.
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