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Grip Strip


Grip Strip is a bond breaker used to make sure that your caulking makes a 2 point connection (to the top and bottom of the check). This is very important to allow the caulking to stretch. If you don't use Grip Strip, it makes a 3 point connection and creates an anchor point where the caulking will tear when the logs move. It also prevents you from using too much caulking or chink and keeps your costs way down.

**Grip Strip is a special order and may have a short lead time** Want less than a case? Call (855) 915-4405
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Log Gap Cap

Cut from 3/4" closed cell flexible foam, Log Gap Caps are unique backer pieces designed to reduce air infiltration where round logs meet window and door trim.

Bulk Loading Gun Loader

Doing lots of chinking or caulking? Tired of fighting to get it in the bulk loading gun?  Introducing your best friend. This bulk loading gun loader takes the work out of getting the chinking or caulking out of the pail and into the gun. Simply turn the crank on top and watch as 5000lbs of force pushes down to fill your gun with ease.

Chink Pump Machine

Professional Chink Machine Used by commercial applicators, chink pumps are easily wheeled around the perimeter of a home. The 25-foot applicator reinforced hose makes the chinking process quicker and easier around gable ends, intricate corners and covered entrance ways.


Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $79.99.
  • Comfortable curved handles
  • Use to create proper concave joint profile & ensure good adhesion to substrates
  • Precision ground for optimum flexibility for perfectly finished joints
  • No plastic components for easy solvent clean-up
  • Premium grade stainless steel, ground and tapered for optimum flex
  • Rounded tips for standard applications, yet easy to modify for unique applications
  • Spatula tip widths from 3/8” to 1-1/2”

Bulk Loading Gun Nozzles

Now that you have a bulk loading gun you will want to put it to the best use. Interchangeable nozzles allow you to lay down a much more precise caulking or chink joint. View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Ring Cap

On the older TL-59-13 bulk loading guns they came with a fixed 1/2" round metal nozzle. These ring caps allow you to also use the plastic nozzles with that gun. View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Pull Hook

This little hook makes it so you can hang your gun and also makes it easier to load product into the gun. Replaces your standard T-pull. Works on our Consumer, Professional or Electric guns. View More Info

Caulking Guns

Albion makes some of the finest caulking guns, accessories and tools on the planet. From a great Homeowner caulking gun to a daily use Professional gun for the contractors, these tools will exceed expectations.

Albion Bulk Gun Loading Cleaning Brush

Albion's bulk loading gun cleaning brush makes quick work of clean up after the job is done. Save time, improve productivity with this cleaning brush. View More Info

Albion Bulk Loading Gun Repair Kit-Leather

This leather repair bulk loading gun replacement kit is the parts that wear out on a bulk loading chinking gun. Make your old gun new again! View More Info

Bulk Loading Gun Sleeve

Albion's loading sleeve makes transferring chinking or caulking from your 5 gallon pail into the gun a much simpler and cleaner job. View More Info