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Timber Screws and Log Screws

Timber screws are becoming very popular in Canada with Timber Framing and Log Construction, mostly replacing previous use of lag bolts. They are also being used in many multi purpose applications including decking and framing. Essentially, anywhere you have previously used a lag bolt you can now use these structural wood screws much quicker and simpler. With no pre drilling required, using big timber screws also simplifies what hardware and tools you will need. Only an cordless drill or impact driver is required.    
Timber Screws

Log Boss

The Ultimate Log Fastener

Spax Timber Screws

SPAX PowerLag Log and Timber Screws - XTM Pancake Head are the ultimate in heavy-duty log and timber fasteners. With patented thread serrations that eliminate the need to pre-drill, SPAX PowerLag screws will increase your installation speed while preventing cracks in your logs. Code listed, load rated, and corrosion resistant, SPAX PowerLag screws provide peace of mind as you build your log or timber frame construction.

GRK Timber Screws

GRK Timber Screws or RSS™ structural screws are made of specially hardened steel to provide you with high tensile, torque, and shear strength. The sharp threads and points bite instantly into the material (including hardwood), reducing the splitting effect due to smaller shanks.

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U2 Fasteners – 3/8″ Construction Screws

U2 Fasteners 3/8" Construction Screw The U2 Construction Screw™, also known as CS Screw, is a heavy-duty structural fastener. Its design has a finished appearance of a conventional round head and is created to provide an extra-large bearing surface under the head. It is the next generation of construction screws that are replacing lag screws.

Olylog Timber Screws

The OlyLog Log Home Screw requires no predrilling, greatly reducing labor time. The self-countersinking design provides strong pull-down power, allowing logs to settle naturally. OlyLog log screws install more efficiently than lags and spikes, and eliminate the risk of damage caused by sledge hammers. Removable and reusable, These log cabin wood screws are the fast and easy way to join logs.

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LogHog Timber Screws

The LogHog Heavy Duty Log Screw is an extra heavy duty threaded log home fastener designed for specific log home construction, applications and challenges. With an over-sized washer head and increased thread compared to the OlyLog design, the Log Hog delivers dramatically increased pull down for more demanding applications.

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Large Timber Screws Sizes - What are the most common sizes? 

Different applications call for different sizes of timber screws or fasteners. Most manufacturers recommend going 50% of the way through the side member. For example, if you have a 6 inch timber and are attaching it to an 8” timber, this would use a 10 inch timber screw. The timber screw would then sit 6” into the first member and 4” into the side member. Attaching two 8” logs together we would use a 12 inch timber screw and so on.   

10 inch Timber Screws

These tend to be the most popular as one of the most common size logs or timbers we see are 6-7”. These are available in packs of 10, 50 and then usually 250-300 in the case sizes.   

12 inch Timber Screws

Are very popular as well as many logs and timber are in the 8-9” range. These are available in packs of 10, 50 and then usually 250-300 in the case sizes. This is one of the most common log cabin wood screws.  

14 inch Timber Screws

Moving towards the higher end of screw lengths, the 14 inch timber screws work great on 9-10” members.  These are available in packs of 10, 50 and then usually smaller quantities depending on manufacturer.

Heavy Timber Screws- Which brand is best for me?

Depending on your specific use or personal preference the below four brands of log screws, timber screws and landscaping screws have you covered. You will find differences in strengths, coatings, lengths, package sizes and costs. On the product pages for each one, you will find specifications and testing strengths in the documents.  

Spax Timber Screws 

For log home and timber frame construction, Spax Timber Screws are one of the most popular big timber screws on the market. These American made and German engineered screws offer a great combination of strength and value. Featuring no required predrilling, IBC Code Compliance and a proprietary coating to resist corrosion and prevent staining on wet logs. Spax Timber Screws come in a variety of sizes from 4”-16” and feature the T-40 deep T-star drive. These structural wood screws are available in packs of 10 or cases of 250. The XTM pancake head  is perfect for countersinking and offers great pull down strength. Thread diameter on these is 5/16". Spax Powerlags come in 4”,6”,8”,9”,10”,11”,12”,14”,15”,16” sizes. View Product

GRK Timber Screws 

Use a Climatek coating which is AC257 code approved for use in treated lumber. Suitable for both interior and exterior use. One of the strongest screws on the market, GRK Timber Screws are a favorite of many professional builders and are a pioneer in the large timber screw market. These heavy timber screws are the strongest log cabin wood screws available but also on the higher end of the price range. Thread diameter on these is 3/8”.  Available in 6",8",10",12",14",15",16",20" View Product


LogHog Timber Screws

LogHog timber screws manufactured by Fastenmaster feature an oversized washer head to increase pull down strength. No pre drilling is required and they are ACQ approved. These structural wood screws have the 5/16th hex head drive. Thread diameter on these is 5/16”. They come in sizes from 7”,9”,10”,11”,12”,13”, 15”. View Product

OlyLog Timber Screws

OlyLog Timber Screws are manufactured by Fastenmaster as well. They feature slightly different lengths and are a more medium duty screw compared to the heavy timber screws listed above. These  have the 5/16th hex head drive. Thread diameter on these is 1/4“. They come in sizes from 2.5”,4”,6”,8”,9”,10”, 12”,14",16". View Product

Landscape Timber Screws

Becoming increasingly popular in landscape use, log screws are quick, strong and simple. Requiring only an impact driver and the fastener,  landscape timber screws speed up the labour required in pre drilling and application.  Check the coating of the landscape timber screws to ensure it is appropriate for use. If the timber is treated, which is usually the case in landscaping, then you want to make sure your coating is compatible with treated wood.  

Spacing of Timber Screws- How far apart should they be? 

We are often asked this question. In most areas of the country, if you are building an engineer will have specified how far apart, in what locations to place the large log screws and the strengths required. Generally speaking we see some plans call for as close together as 9-12” around doors/windows and 36” in the wall areas. These are just general guidelines and are not to be constituted as recommendations. 

Log Screws Material and Coatings- What do I need?

Consider your specific application or what your engineer has specified into the building. Log cabin screws are most often coated to resist corrosion and to be safe in treated lumber. They are typically heat-treated for maximum strength. Large timber screws usually have either the T40 Torx drive or the 5/16th hex head, both work very well and which one to go with usually is a choice of preference. 

Where can I buy heavy timber screws? 

As these tend to be specialty items, you don’t tend to find things like Olylog screws at Home Depot. As we cater to the Log and Timber market, we tend to carry one of largest selections of large log screws in Canada. If you don’t see it, ask one of our specialists to look into it for you and we can likely source it out. 

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